ProctorU Code – upgrade from an in-person exam to one that is remotely-proctored


Schedule Your Exam – Remote Proctoring makes things easy! Let us know when you are ready to take your CFPM Exam and we issue you the code to schedule your exam session through ProctorU, a remotely-monitored proctoring service. Also, be sure to check the technology required for a monitored exam:, as this purchase is non-refundable.

MN CFPM Registration Renewal ($75/student)
1. Janice L Hulkonen
2. Jastine M Lucht
3. Jennifer L Velline
3 student x $75 = $225

Initial ServSafe CFPM Class, Book, Exam ($160/student)
1. Emmanuella D Azaglo
2. Eric J Bachrodt
3. Jason W Brunschon
4. Trevor R Bulock
5. Phyllis D Cogshell
6. Joy R Jones
7. James D McConnell
8. Tu B Nguyen
8 students x $160 = $1,280
Venue fee $50
Total Due $1,555.00