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Food Safety is not just a class you take; it is what you must practice in your operation. Restaurants that understand this important priority look for ways to stay ahead of any situations, not coast along until a problem threatens to close their doors. FoodSafetyGuy is on a mission to bring the principles from the classroom to life in your kitchen. We tap into expert talent – like retired health inspectors, a dietician, a chef, a food scientist, a food service director – to find the right solutions for your specific business needs. Here is how we do it.


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Food Safety Audits
Private Health Inspections
Pre-Purchase Health Inspections
On-Site Training
Health Department Liaison
Customer Illness Complaint Support
Policy Writing

Quality Assurance Department


FoodSafetyGuy is taking on several operations per year into our Quality Assurance Department. This means that different food service operations have discovered the value in engaging us for support or solutions in the a la carte items listed above.

By bundling into a package, you receive the perfect combination of:

  • Operations assessments
  • Routine audits specific to your kitchens
  • Policy review and writing
  • Self-inspection design and implementation
  • Health department support and preparatory inspections
  • ServSafe classes at discounted rates
  • Consultative support whenever you need it
  • Assistance with customer complaints
  • Web Form/Contact Information

To learn more about how our Quality Assurance team can help you reach your food safety goals email info@foodsafetyguy.com.

Training for Churches

We are now offering training for churches and other houses of worship that wish to meet the new State of Minnesota exemption rule. I work with several other instructors to provide this training all across the state. We will work with your availability and your scheduled events. Ask how hosting a session for your area can reduce your costs. Please contact us about the following:

Supervising volunteer food workers

This 2.5 hour course covers the basic responsibilities of a person supervising a food event at a church.

We cover:

  • when you need licensing,
  • your local health department contacts,
  • how to validate your role as supervisor,
  • food safety basics, and
  • how to keep your diners and your congregation safe.

Cost: $35 per person.

Food Safety Basics for volunteer food workers

This 1.5 hour course is very interactive and fun. It covers the basics of sourcing food, hand washing, illness exclusion practices, and cross-contamination. This will help the supervisor by validating their leadership and making non-negotiables for volunteering very clear. Cost varies depending on travel, number of people, and type of event(s).

Train the Trainer for TouchPoint House of Worship Training Opportunities (HoW-TO)

Successful completion of this course will allow you to use our HoW-TO materials and receive TouchPoint certificates for your class attendees. You will receive training on the materials, the slide show, and the script. You will then be qualified to offer our courses to volunteer groups so they can meet the state requirement.

Prerequisite: You must have passed a qualifying Food Protection Manager course to be able to teach volunteers.