June 7, 2024, is World Food Safety Day.

We focus every day on keeping our own food safe. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) report estimated statistics that globally there are over 600 million cases of foodborne illness annually, resulting in 420,000 deaths. Approximately 40% of the illnesses and 125,000 deaths are experienced by children under the age of 5. Food safety is a global concern (United Nations, n.d.).

Global food safety impacts us in several ways. With the global food sourcing and distribution network, we often rely on other countries, their growers, and their inspection processes to export safe food to countries like ours. When people travel abroad they are immediately exposed to food and beverages produced and served in a different country. We often employ people in our businesses who are new to our country and culture in food service or manufacturing. Because of the diversity of our nation’s culinary tastes, since Day 1, we have been offering foods from other lands in homes and restaurants. WE are impacted in many ways by the food safety practices and results from around the world.

There is a very strong network of well-educated and well-trained regulators and food safety professionals worldwide, constantly learning and sharing. A review of published articles quickly reveals common themes of food safety challenges and collaboration among experts. We help each other improve and work to intervene on the public’s behalf.

Take a moment on June 7, 2024, to remember that everyone eats, everyone depends on safe food sources, and everyone preparing and serving food has a special obligation to do so safely.

Here is a 1-minute video you might enjoy.