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I’m Lars Johnson, CP-FS… The Food Safety Guy!

Professional credential: Certified Professional — Food Safety

A food safety system on paper is a necessary and important part of a food service operation. Making it effective and powerful – especially in the heat of the never-ending moment – is a bit more challenging. Food Safety Guy has set forth the following goals for the distinct purpose of helping all food service operators and food handlers to minimize risk, remove obstacles, remain profitable, and have FUN doing what they love to do — feed our friends and neighbors! Food Safety Guy strives to:

  1. Advocate on behalf of operators for fair food code regulations and standards, with reasonable application and interpretation;
  2. Clearly articulate risks to the food supply in general and to foods in particular;
  3. Offer both conventional and innovative strategies to navigate the risks;
  4. Be a connecting resource enabling operators and experts to work together.

From the time there were two people walking the earth there has been opportunity for one person to source, prepare, and serve food for at least one other individual. Let’s continue to learn together how to do it without hurting ourselves and our loved ones in the process!


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