Class Handouts

These are documents presented in class – available for you to download.
Access a file by clicking on the description and a new window with the document with open in  your browser.
FSG Handwashing Signage You can print this sign out and hang at each handwashing station to meet the new state of Minnesota requirement that there be signage at each handwashing station.
Student Registration FSG Class – Student Registration Information Form.
FSG Class Evaluation Form Class Evaluation Did you fill out a Student – Class Evaluation? If not, download it, print it, complete it, and send it to
Student “Next Steps” Letter After you’ve completed the FSG Class and passed the ServSafe exam, what do you do next?
Person-in-Charge – MDH Fact Sheet This fact sheet is published by MDH and details what is expected of the Person-in-Charge (PIC).
Food Allergies This handout is a great training tool for Food Allergies. Use it to educate your managers and staff about the basics of food allergen awareness and management in your kitchen.
Major Food Allergens – MDH Fact Sheet This fact sheet is published by MDH and details what all Food Workers should know about Food Allergens.
Norovirus – MDH Fact Sheet Very useful in understanding the details of Norovirus, the number-one cause of foodborne illness in Minnesota and in the US.
Norovirus - Clean-Up How to Clean and Disinfect after a Vomit or Diarrhea Incident It’s the law – every Food Business must have written procedures on how to properly clean and disinfect after a biological release – we MUST assume it contains Norovirus and follow the correct protocols.
Employee Illness Decision Guide This publication by MDH serves as a decision tree on when Food Workers should be excluded and/or restricted from working with or around food.
Illness Reporting for Food Establishments – MDH Fact Sheet Lays out the responsibilities of the PIC, including keeping an Employee Illness Log. Outlines responsibilities of a food worker regarding personal health and hygiene.
Persons-In-Charge: You Must Report Customer Complaints of Illness – MDH Poster Published by MDH, this poster details what the duties and responsibilities are of the PIC when a customer complains of Foodborne Illness.
Employees: Report Your Illness – MDH Poster Help keep your guests and coworkers from becoming sick.
Employee Illness Log – MDH Form Every operation MUST track ill workers. This is the official form to do it with!
Attn: No Vomit / No Diarrhea ATTENTION – MDH Poster This poster is very helpful to remind staff of the importance of not working when sick or symptomatic and of reporting it to management.
Listeria Information LISTERIOSIS (Listeria monocytogenes) – MDH Fact Sheet Critical information every food worker should know about Listeria contamination.
Temperature Cooling Log Cooling Log – MDH Form When you cool food you should track how quickly it cools to prevent foodborne illness – here’s the form to do it!